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Postal commmunication-Traditional Products

1. Letter:

The communication is enclosed in an envelope and addressed.

Maximum weight 2 kilograms
Size prescribed Minimum Maximum
1) If the letter is in roll form
Any single diameter 10 cm 80 cm
Length + twice the diameter 17 cm 100 cm
2) If the letter is not in roll form:
Any single dimension 11× 7 cm 60 cm
(Length + Breadth)/ Height   90 cm
2. Inland Letter Card

Communication is contained on a sheet of paper with prescribed size & folding. Inland letter card is used for transmission within India only.

Maximum weight 5 grams
Inland letter card shall be paper of minimum 70 GSM
Size prescribed
Unfolded Minimun Maximum
28.2 cm x 18.2 cm 30 cm x 21 cm
Flaps Letter Card will have three flaps, one each one on the left and right side not exceeding 1.5 cm by 10 cm and another on the top side not exceeding 1.5 cm by 21 cm. Flaps are not required if the Inland Letter Card can be closed by any other effective process.
Folded Minimum Maximum
15.2 cm x 9 cm 21 cm x 10 cm
Letter Cards of private manufacture suitably folded and closed on all sides through gumming or any other effective process, may be conveyed by post, provided the dimensions and other conditions mentioned in this rule are complied with.
3. Post Card

Open communication on a card of prescribed size. Available in two varieties: Single & reply post card. Post cards are for transmission within India only. Dimensions 14 cm × 9 cm (length and breadth). Privately manufactured post cards shall not be thinner or more flexible than an embossed post card, and will have the same size and thickness of embossed post card. There are other varieties of Post cards also such as

a) Printed Post Card
Post cards containing communication recorded by printing, cyclostyling or by any other
mechanical process are classified as ‘Printed Post Cards’. Printed matter includes printed
pictures also.
b) Meghdoot Post Card
The portion next to the address is available for advertisement in four colours.

4. Book Packet
Maximum weight 5 kilograms
Size prescribed Minimum Maximum
In roll form length 10 cm 80 cm
Total length + 2 diameters 17 cm 100 cm
Other than roll form 10cm ×7 cm 60cm ×30cm×30cm
Note: Book Packet when sent in card form whether folded or not, shall be neither thinner nor more flexible than Inland Post Cards.

a) There shall be no personal communication enclosed or written up on a book packet
b) It shall not contain any paper money, postage or other stamps, cheques etc Exception:
It may contain stamped self addressed post card or letter or wrapper.

5. Book Packet containing Printed Books:

Specifications are same as for book packet.
It shall not contain any publication published in regular intervals.
No advertisements permitted.

6. Book Packet containing periodicals:

Specifications are same as for book packets

The contents shall be periodicals registered with the ‘Registrar of Newspapers in India’.
The first or last page of the periodical shall have the superscription “Registered with the
Registrar of Newspapers in India under serial No………” printed on it.

7. Blind Literature Packet:

India Post allows free transmission of blind literature packets up to 7 kilograms. Papers of any kind, periodicals and books impressed in “Braille” or other special type for the use of blind are allowed to be transmitted by post as Blind literature packets.
Size and packing is same as for book packets.
It must be sent by or to a blind person. No written or printed communication should be enclosed except:
i) the title and table of contents
ii) the key or instructions
iii) a label for return of the packet.





Inland Letter Card


Post Card


Book Packet


Blind Literature Packet





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