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B2B Express Distribution

If you are a corporate customer looking for logistics solutions,
Logistics Post services will provide you cost-effective and efficient distribution across the country.
Logistics Post manages the entire distribution side of the logistics infrastructure
from collection to distribution, from storage to carriage,
from order preparation to order fulfillment
at the lowest possible price.

Welcome to Logistics Post, your reliable partner in express distribution !

  • Distribution solutions : With a high growth Indian economy in India, transport and logistics take on a new dimension in any business. Logistics Post can cater to any demand for moving goods, parcels and consignments in terms of delivery deadline and quality of service. Further, it offers the possibility of monitoring the delivery progress at all times. Whether you want to distribute your computers across the nation or to send your auto parts to the distributors, Logistics Post provides you a tailor-made solution.

  • FTL and LTS services: Under this service, customers can send their consignments either in full truck load (FTL) or Less than a Truck Load (LTL) , one parcel or multi-parcels, based on their requirements. It is flexible and convenient. Logistics Post uses a special network for carrying and delivering packages and consignments across the nation. It moves the shipments by road, rail and air and ensures safe and timely delivery.

  • Logistics Post Centres: We have established Logistics Post Centres across the country to take your consignments. Just get in touch with any of the Logistics Post Centres.

  • Distance and weight-based tariff: The tariff is based on weight, volume and distance. The weight slab is 50 kg. For each consignment, a docket fee of Rs 100  is payable in addition to other charges based on weight, volume and distance.

  • Multi-modal transport: Based on the specific requirements of the customers, the consignments are sent by road, rail or air. India Post has a fleet of exclusive aircraft to carry Logistics Post air consignments. Further, we have a fleet of vehicles to transport the consignments by road.

  • Warehousing services: To make logistics operations cost effective and efficient, Logistics Post provides warehousing options (storage of goods before dispatch/ delivery) to the customers, on payment of warehousing charges. This enables you to bring your products closer to your customers. Let us know your requirements and we shall provide you the warehousing solutions.

  • Order processing & fulfillment services: Along with warehousing services, we provide you  an order processing and order management solution that takes a "whole of business" approach.  Logistics Post will make the entire Logistics operations smooth by providing ‘pick and pack’ facilities based on specific requirements of the customers. Each consignment will be packed with the specific goods, as desired by the customer.

  • Return Logistics: Businesses requiring ‘Return services’ will find Logistics Post the ideal solution. Just sign a business agreement with us for ‘Reverse logistics’ and we shall make the required arrangements.

  • Agents required: We are also looking for outsourced agents for Logistics Post services, who will collect and book the consignments as agents, on commission basis.

  • Logistics Post Air services: India Post is proud of the fact that it runs three exclusive India Post aircrafts touching major towns, providing overnight service to the customers. Apart from carrying mails and Speed Post, the aircrafts carry Express Logistics consignments. When you want your parcels and logistics consignments to be delivered overnight, just call us and we will make arrangements for door-to-door delivery ! Click here for more details


MMS             LPTruck



      * One India One Rate - Up to 50 Gms, Taxes extra


       # Local Speed Post - Up to 50 Gms,Taxes extra



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